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Vyrelord Guide - (Vyremaking )


    +-520K/H Melee / Magic XP - Ranged is less, likely around 430K / H XP
    +-170K/H Constitution XP
    +-250K/H Firemaking XP
    +-350K/H Prayer XP
    +-100K/H Farming XP
      Between 3 - 7M /H, depends on how actively you loot


      River of Blood completed
      Supreme Salvation Aura
      Supreme Corruption Aura
      Supreme Harmony Aura
      Penance Aura (if you don't extend one of the aura's or you're using the lower tiered aura's)
      One of a Kind completed (If you're using the dragonrider amulet)
      Morytania Elite Tasks completed
      95 Prayer
      Temple at Senntisten completed
      Invention unlocked


      A legendary pet - For automatic looting & optionally extending familiar time
      Seedicide on your toolbelt - For both farming experience & to prevent filling the floor with seeds
      Charming imp on your toolbelt - I personally drop the blue charms
      (Upgraded) gem bag - The amount of gems you get here is insane!
      Spirit gem bag - This helps you get rid of those spirit gems in combat very easily
      Spring cleaner 9001 - Helps you get rid of salvage for extra money easily
      Large rune pouch with nature & fire runes to alch items like splitbark
      Illuminated god book
      99 Defence & 99 in your combat style of choice
      89 Invention for aftershock
      Optional: Berserk Blood Essence - When not using (holy) overloads
      Ancient Elven Ritual Shard - In case not all of the vyres are lured properly or you're on the penance aura


      T70 / T80 Non-Degradable Helm
      Illuminated god book
      Your best cape
      Dragonrider Amulet or Blood Amulet of Fury if you're taking a lot of damage
      Large rune pouch - With your Nature & Fire runes
      T70 Power Armour - Gloves, Boots & Body (Recommend getting the Scavenging perk on the body
      Morytania Legs 4 You absolutely need these!
      2h Sunspear This one is also mandatory!

    This is my setup:

    Inventory & Familiar:

    Ability Bars:


    Where to stand:
    It's important to not move from this spot, otherwise some of the vyres will get stuck or won't get lured to you. If you'd like to collect loot, try dropping an item to area loot, that way you won't move! (Make sure to close the area loot window afterwards!)

    How it works:
    Your Morytania legs 4 will make you receive 50% more XP for cremating vyres, while your sunspear automatically cremates them. Your aura (Supreme Salvation / Corruption / Harmony) will give you 2,5% extra Prayer XP and restores 10% Prayer points for every 500 Prayer XP gained.
    These auras last for 1 hour each and have a 3 hour cooldown, so extending either the second or third aura will make it so your first one is off cooldown by the time your last aura runs out. When using penance you can easily run out of prayer points.

    If you decide to bring Holy Overloads, place them all in your familiar and withdraw one when necessary. They definitely help in upkeeping your Prayer & HP if you don't have the highest tier aura.

    Use Soulsplit and Turmoil / Anguish / Torment all the time or you will likely die, if you have a hard time maintaining your prayer, you can try just using Soulsplit for a while to recover.

    Doing this allows you to AFK for about 5 minutes, you just need to click once during those 5 minutes to prevent logging out. I'd recommend clicking more to pick up more loot & thus profit more.

    When an update happens, one of the vyres will get stuck behind Vanescula Drakan, if you walk on top of her once (only needs to be done by one person per world for the rest of the week) the vyre won't get stuck.

    Sometimes a few vyres will get stuck to the east of the bank or near the bloodwood tree, just kill them and they should respawn in a nicer spot!
    A few vyres can also get stuck to the west of your 'camping area', near the door to the tower. Same thing here, just kill them and run back!

    Big thanks to Okku for helping out with the guide and getting me to try this initially! ♥