Help Commands

Command Explanation Example
Help Shows all of the available commands or info about a specific set of commands. -help to get a list of all of the commands. -help followed by a command to get info about that command. Example: -help events

General RuneScape Commands

Command Explanation Example
Setrsn Sets your RuneScape name for various other commands. -setrsn Username
Alog Let's you look up someone's adventure log. -alog Username
Stats Let's you look up someone's stats on RuneScape 3. -stats Username
07Stats Looks up someone's stats on Oldschool RuneScape -07 Username
Quest Checks if someone can do or has done a certain quest in RuneScape 3. -quest "Username" "Quest"

Host / Bosses Related

Command Explanation Example
Host Posts a message which allows users to react with an emote to get a role in a boss team. -host Yakamaru [Extra Info]
Bosses Shows you the available bosses and things for RS3 the host command. -bosses
OSRSBosses Shows you the available bosses and things for OSRS for the host command. -bosses
Attend Manually signs someone up for a boss, via the Post Number listed at the bottom of the host message. -attend 123456 "Base" @Friendliness#1337
Unattend Manually removes someone from the sign-up list, via the Post Number at the bottom of the host message. -unattend 123456 "Base" @Friendliness#1337
Split Calculates how much everyone needs to be paid to get a split. -split [amount] [players] [hammer %] [base %]
Splitnexaod Calculates how much everyone needs to be paid to get a split with the splitting rules in the "Nex Aod" FC. -splitnexaod [amount] [Optional Amount of Drops] [3M Hammer] [1.8M Hammer] [600K Hammer]

Achievement Tracker

Command Explanation Example
Achievementtracker Allows an admin to enable or disable the achievement tracker. -achievementtracker enable #Channel to enable it, to disable it: -achievementtracker disable
Track Allows a user to sign up to have their achievements tracked in a server. -track followed by your RSN.
Untrack Allows an admin to remove someone from being tracked by the achievement tracker. -untrack followed by an RSN.


Command Explanation Example
Event Starts dialogue to add an event to the events list. -event
EventsChannel Sets up the channel to which event notifications should be sent. -eventschannel [#channelname]
Eventsenable Enables the creation or deletion of events for certain roles. -eventsenable [@Role]
Eventsdisable Disables the creation of events. -eventsdisable
Events Lists all of the current events and let's people react to be assigned a temporary role for reminders. -events
Postevent Posts a single event. -postevent [EventID]
Cancelevent Cancels an event. -cancelevent [EventID]
Editevent Allows you to edit an event. -editevent [Event ID]
EventsRole Sets up a role that will be mentioned alongside every temporary events role. -eventsrole set @Role to set a role, to remove the role: -eventsrole unset
PostAllEvents Posts all events in a single embed, will not let people sign up to be mentioned, but gives a more compact view. -postallevents

Temporary Voice Channels

Command Explanation Example
Tempvoice enable Enables the temporary voice channels feature -tempvoice enable
Tempvoice disable Disables the temporary voice channels feature -tempvoice disable
Hide Hides your temporary channel so it's hidden from everyone except for the people who explicitly got access. -hide
Show Shows your temporary channel so everyone can see it and join it. -show
VCAdd Adds a specific user or role to the temporary voice channel. -vcadd followed by a username or Discord ID
VCRemove Removes a specific user's or role's access from the temporary voice channel. -vcremove


Command Explanation Example
Pinkskirtevents Show the next 5 PinkSkirt events. -pinkskirtevents
Pinkskirtnotifs Sets up notifications for the Pink Skirt events in a channel. -pinkskirtnotifs on #Channel to turn this off: -pinkskirtnotifs off
Pinkskirtroles Sets up mentionable roles that will be used by the Pink Skirt Notifications -pinkskirtroles


Command Explanation Example
JagexClock Makes Jagex Clock Notifications get sent to a channel -jagexclock on followed by a channel to turn it on, -jagexclock off to disable this feature again
JagexClockRoles Sets up roles that get pinged by the Jagex Clock notifications -jagexclockroles to create these roles!


Command Explanation Example
Pylon Sends you the current Pylon status -pylon
NotifyPylon Sets up a channel and role to be notified when we update the Pylon status in the Archaeology discord server -notifypylon enable followed by a channel and optionally a role to enable it. -notifypylon disable to disable this feature again.
PylonSettings Allows you to change the settings for the NotifyPylon command, such as when to be notified or if you'd want to get pinged. -pylonsettings shows you the current settings. -pylonsettings enable 95 would enable being notified at 95%. -pylonsettings disable 100 would disable being notified at 100%. -pylonsettings disable ping would disable being pinged.

Ignore Channels

Command Explanation Example
IgnoreChannel Makes Friendlybot ignore a channel or several channels -ignorechannel followed by a channel or several channels
UnignoreChannel Removes a channel from the list of channels that are currently ignored by Friendlybot -unignorechannel followed by a channel or several channels
IgnoredChannels Shows all the currently ignored channels. -ignoredchannels

Disable Commands

Command Explanation Example
DisableCommand Disables a certain command -disablecommand followed by a command or several commands
EnableCommand Enables a command again -enablecommand followed by a command or several commands
DisabledCommands Shows all the commands that are currently disabled. -disabledcommands

Perk Combinations

Command Explanation Example
Perks Sends you the available perks to look up with the perk command -perks
Perk Looks up the best combinations for a perk. -perk followed by the name of a perk.


Command Explanation Example
Ticket Allows you to send in a ticket and resolve this in a separate channel. -ticket "Message here"
Ticketenable Enables a ticketing feature to send in reports & resolve them easily. -ticketenable @Moderator
Ticketdisable Disables the ticketing feature. -ticketdisable


Command Explanation Example
Roles Shows you all of the available reactionroles in the current server -roles
React Add Adds a role to a message, allowing people to react to get the role. -react add [message ID] [@Role] [Emote]
React Remove Removes a reactionrole from a message. -react remove [message ID] [@Role] [Emote]
Massassign Assigns a role to everyone in the server. -massassign [@Role]
Massremove Removes a role from everyone in the server. -massremove [@Role]
Role Give Gives a role to one or more users. -role give [@Role] [@User1] [@User2]
Role Take Takes a role from one or more users. -role take [@Role] [@User1] [@User2]
Joinrole On Adds a role that's automatically assigned to members when they join your server. -joinrole on [@Role]
Joinrole Off Removes a role that's automatically assigned to members when they join your server. -joinrole off [@Role]
Triggerrole Add Makes one role unassign another role. Example: @Unsubscribe removes the @Subscribed role. -trigerrole add [@Triggerrole] [@RoleToRemove]
Triggerrole Remove Stops one role from removing another. -trigerrole remove [@Triggerrole] [@RoleToRemove]
Triggerrole List Lists which role 'triggers' the removal of another role. -trigerrole list
Role To Role Gives a role to all users with a certain role. -roletorole @Noob @Professional
Role From Role Removes a role from all users with a certain role. -rolefromrole @Noob @Professional
RoleInfo Shows information about all roles or a certain role. -roleinfo to get information about all of the roles, to get info about one specific role, type -roleinfo followed by a role.
RoleCount Shows the amount of users a role has. -rolecount to get information about all of the roles, to get info about one specific role, type -rolecount followed by a role.


Command Explanation Example
Remind You can get the bot to remind you in x time. -remind [time] for example:
    -remind 2h30m
Reminders Shows you all of your current reminders -reminders
Removereminder Lets you remove a reminder you've set with the
-removereminder [Reminder ID]
Removereminders Removes all of the reminders you've set. -removereminders

Server List

Command Explanation Example
Servers Shows you all of the available servers you can join. -servers

Universal Ban List

Command Explanation Example
Unibanlist Shows you all users on the universal ban list and the reason for their ban. -unibanlist
Universalban Enables or disables the universal ban system. -universalban on or -universalban off
UniUnban Ensures a user won't be automatically banned by the Universal Ban feature. -uniunban add followed by Discord ID(s) to add them to the list of "Ignored Users". -uniunban remove followed by Discord ID(s) to make sure they get banned automatically again.


Command Explanation Example
GiveAway Starts the dialogue to create a new giveaway. -giveaway
Reroll Winner Lets you reroll the winner of the giveaway. -rerollwinner followed by the GiveAway ID
Random Winner Selects a random person who reacted to a message with the first emote listed. -randomwinner followed by the Message ID
Cancel GiveAway Cancels a giveaway. -cancelgiveaway followed by the GiveAway ID


Command Explanation Example
Settings Prefix Allows you to set a new prefix for this Discord server. -settings prefix [Newprefix]
Settings Prefix Reset Resets the prefix to the default prefix: - -settings prefix reset
Settings Prefix Show Shows you the bot's current prefix -settings prefix show

Suggestions & Bugreports

Command Explanation Example
Suggest Send in a suggestion for the bot or website! -suggest followed by your suggestion.
Bug Send in a bugreport for the bot! -bug followed by your report.


Command Explanation Example
Roll Rolls a number between given values -roll 1 would roll a number between 0 and 1 -roll 1 10 would roll a number between 1 and 10


Command Explanation Example
Donate Sends you a link to the donations page to support the Friendlybot, thank you so much! ♥ -donate